Mozzarella cheese

Fresh, tasty and hand spun at any time of the day.

Our mozzarella with 100% cow’s milk is a real pleasure for the palate.

la Burrata

A soft and creamy heart of stracciatella enclosed in an embrace of stretched curd. Among the tastiest specialties of Apulian dairy production.


Soft and creamy, with a delicate taste. A meeting of fresh cream and hand-shredded mozzarella.

Simply irresistible!


Shovel-spun at a temperature that does not exceed 85° and pickled for about 1 hour and a half, the white scamorza is produced daily in the laboratory, ready to bring that extra flavor to the table!



Pazzarella takes care of parties and special occasions. Only on order, we make braids of mozzarella up to half a meter long!